jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

Fresh Produce - My Litlle Lover (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) (Love's Story Video)

Hi, my friends...

When the love take our lives, become all darkness in light of feelings and shine like the sun, and of course, become our sun & moon. The life, into the destiny, work to put two ways together, connected for feelings between their souls. It's the magic of the Stories of Love that we can find in the way of the life. The feelings around the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and, in some cases, years become each time more and more stronger, and all because the feelings that we define inlove are there, in the form of our lover. There is no bad, there is no pain, there is no regret, only the wish of be with him or her, for the rest of the days in this chaotic world, warm for love.

Feel love is something clear, it's the adventure of feel alive. Not only the wet hands, the butterflies into the stomach, the high and fast heartbeat... That's energy to our body, but the real key in the love is learn lo LIVE the Love. More than feel it, is learn to live in love, and when you know that, the love becomes true. In good and bad days, in health and disease, in happiness and sadness, not "together forever", but living that "each day that you have the bless to Wake up to the life", arriving your soul to this Human body that God gave to you which you can obtain goals and build dreams. The love is not to GIVE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE to your lover. That only sounds cute. The real love is about SHARE happiness, SHARE smiles, SHARE all things that you have, build and live in your own life with your lover, not only GIVE your attention to his/her life, because you finally cannot give to him/her the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of your own life, and finally the relationship can fall into Monotony. Share life, share adventures, share ideas and goals, but most important: BUILD, FIGHT, GO AGAINST ALL THE BAD THOUGHS FOR THE WIN, For the Victory of each goals, and share your victories with your lover. :) That's the real way to live the love. (Or one way, because each couple is a unique history of Love, with unique ideas and values).

God give to us the freedom of Choose how to live the love, and the responsability of the aftereffect are in ourselves. The important in each experience is LEARN, grow up and Continue the life, with wisdom to be better.

The marvellous work of Fresh Produce into the track, and the transition of Style and emotion of Blood groove & kikis in this remix, produce one of the most beautiful and incredible track that i have heard in my entire life. :) For that, i did this Video Promotional, using two videos of an Incredible director from Russia, "Igor Zamsha". Definitively the works of Him are MARVELLOUS.

Artist: Fresh Produce
Tittle: My Little Lover
Remixer: Blood Groove & Kikis
Label: Portrait Digital
Genre: Progressive House
Buy: http://www.beatport.com/release/my-little-lover/650574
Release Date: 11 September, 2011
Portrait Digital:

Fresh Produce:

Blood Groove & Kikis:
The Beautiful Footages:

"Wonderful Dreams"

"More than love"

Igor Zamsha FILMS

All the credits to Fresh Produce, Blood Groove & kikis, Portrait Digital, and The Beautiful works of Igor Zamsha. The footages define a beautiful history of love, that you can see complete into the links, because i edited some parts to synchronize with the Video. For him, for all the Progressive House, For the Life, For the Love and all his experiences, GOD BLESS YOU, EACH ONE that read this words and see this video, a beautiful tribute of the love and all the artist into this video. :) Thanks for your time and Support all this wonderful artist. They deserve your attention because they work with the heart. :)

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martes, 22 de septiembre de 2009


1. Above & Beyond - Home
2. OceanLab - Ashes (Oliver Smith Remix)
3. Myon & Shane 54 feat. Aruna - Helpless (Monster Mix)
4. First State ft. Anita Kelsey - Falling (First State's Stuck Parachute Mix)
5. Dash Berlin with Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Man On The Run (Original Vocal Mix)
6. Tritonal Feat Cristina Soto - Piercing Quiet (Original Mix)
7. Asccension - For A Lifetime (Dj Shah Remix)
8. Torsten Fassbender ft. Julie Anne Melfi - Nobody Knows (Rene Ablaze Remix)
9. Armin Van Buuren Feat. Jacqueline Goavert - Never Say Never (Omnia Remix)
10. Ronski Speed feat. Ana - The Deep Devine (Gareth Emery Remix)
11. Airscape feat. Jes - My Love (Johan Gielen Remix)
12. Offer Nissim feat. Maya - Perfect Love (DJ Eco Unreleased Remix)
13. Sunquest Feat Josie - A Little Bit Special (Sundriver Remix)

DL Link: Here

Enjoy it this Long Set with Females Vocal tracks. :) Thanks for stay here, for support my works. God Bless you,my friends.

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jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2009

Valeth's Mind: Walking in Progressive Steps (Sept 09)

Long time without upload. I missed it. But the life put us tests, and i passed one of them when my grandmother was in very health problems. Thanks to God, that season is close to finish. For that, i just took a time to remix one project that i did some months ago. :) Enjoy it.


1. Vas Floyd feat. Sara Shevlin - Kiss The World Away (Original Mix)
2. Slytek - Beyond (Original Mix)
3. Labtracks - Cougar (Original Mix)
4. Matteo Marini - Paradise (Original Mix)
5. Martin Brodin - Deep Shit (Original Mix)
6. Sonic Element - Paint The Blue (Michael Cassette Remix)
7. Bartlett & Dyor - Floating Beyond (Progressive Mix )
8. Rupert Romaro - This Is The Night (Darone Remix)
9. Jaytech - Vela (Electrobios & Interplay Remix)
10. Michael Cassette - Summer (Dub)
11. Jaytech feat. Melody Gough - Gray Horizon (Original Mix)

DL Link: Here

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domingo, 19 de julio de 2009

Electronic Countries - Adam Nickey present Poland


1. Adam Nickey - Never Gone (Sequentia Remix)
2. Adam Nickey - Beyond Doubt (Original Mix)
3. Adam Nickey - Slider (Original Mix)
4. Adam Nickey - Forgotten Island (Original Mix)

DL Link: Here

:) Enjoy the video, the mix and the life, because thanks to that, we found here, loving the best music in the world (To us. ;) ) God Bless you,my friends. :D Thanks a lot for the support. :D

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The Clips are of Mark Rigler. Excellent traveller that have an incredible talent to any video. ;) Know him in:

Electronic Countries - Satoshi Fumi present Japan

1. Satoshi Fumi - Touch me
2. Satoshi Fumi - Ptoremaic
3. Satoshi Fumi - Twink
4. Satoshi Fumi - Sweey Sensation (Long Version)

DL Link: Here

My first video with a clip. :) Just enjoy the Tsutomu Video. All credit of him, the same to the mix. All credit to Fumi for his tracks. God Bless both. :D And God Bless you for look and enjoy the mix. :D

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PD: The Footage in the video is from Eric Tsutomu.Impressive work with the clip. Great Talen of Him. :D Know him in:

lunes, 29 de junio de 2009

[HD] Fusions Pres. xXValethxX Remix

:D My friend, this tiem, i show with you of one project. One collaboration between Lisasmojo and me. An Unbeliavable Video with a mix that i did for her. :D Here is her info putted in the video. :D
Valeth, did an amazing job on this mix..I had to add some video filters to make it to YT, the first time the video footage wasnt accepted, and to add some things to it..long story..anyways this time it was accepted ..:)

Original footage can be found at these 2 sites:



Valeth wanted to share the link , if you enjoyed his mix..you can get the mp3 here..:)

tracks are..
1. EverLight - Distance (Intro Mix)
2. Andre Visior & Kay Stone - Something For Your Mind (DMRX)
3. Andrew Bennett vs. Tatana feat. Tiff Lacey - Closer (Than A Heartbeat) (Gareth Emery Remix)
4. Signalrunners Featuring Julie Thompson - These Shoulders (Oliver Smith Remix)


Enjoy the beautiful video of my sweet friend Lisa. GOd Bless her and God Bless the Electronic Music! :D

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DJ Soylar present Cultured Minds Session 2

Hi,my friends. :D

This time, i share with you of one unbelivable set of my great friend DJ Soylar. :D

Here is the tracklist:

1. Max Graham - Automatic Weapon (Original Mix)
Musetta - Standing By My Side (Fred Numf Remix)
Proff - Breathe (Original Mix)
Shingo Nakamura - Blue Light (Original Mix)
Proff & Mango - 5th in Blue (Proff Remix)
Mr.Pink,Gomez - Dont Give Up (Original Mix)
Zinfandel - Nocturnal (Original Mix)
Schodt - Tokyo Dawn(Dinka Remix)
Satoshi Fumi - Change (Original Mix)
10. P8 - 1986 (Original Mix)
Paul Keeley - Wegel (Original Mix)
Nifra - Complicated Life (1985 Remix)
Matteo Marini - Lieve (Original Mix)

DL Link: Here

Unbeliavable Quality. :D
listen and Enjoy :D

Dj Soylar
"keep your eyes closed and your ears open for you will see a different world than you could have ever seen"


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